Club Members,

I want to inform all members that our Youth Shoot and Rock Festival Shoot has been cancelled for this year.  We are currently in Stage 2 of the governor’s executive order to maintain social distancing.  Our board unanimously voted to cancel both shoots and shoots throughout the state are also cancelled for the month of May and into June.  Hopefully we can get back to a safe place where we can hold a shoot.

With that said, a club meeting is scheduled for Thursday, May 14, at 7:00 PM at the Ishi Archery Range. There is enough room to maintain social distancing and we need to discuss future events that I would like to do. First,  I would like to bring back “summer league” in June or July. Summer League is held on Thursday nights from 5-7 and we shoot at least 14 3-D targets.  In order to do that, we will need support from members by coming out to shoot and also helping pick up targets afterwards.  I will need to find out if there is interest.

Another project I want to do is develop a 28 target course on the other side of 36E.  Our club has over 120 acres on that side and it can be a great course.  We have held shoots on that side before but we never maintained the shooting positions so we need to start all over.  If we can develop this course by July, we might be able to hold a pre-hunting season shoot on it.  These ideas are dependent on the coronavirus restrictions easing up but the club still needs to keep moving forward.  I hope to see a good turnout at the meeting and we can discuss these items further.


2020 Ishi Archery 12th annual Youth Shoot

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